BAHAA is a talent development consultant that utilizes Active Deep Learning eXperience, Coaching, Gamification, Positive Psychology, Design Thinking, Personality Profiling and Systemic Intelligence to provide individual professionals and client organizations with targeted skill building and individually tailored sustainable development plans.

Drawing upon a rich background in human development, adult learning models and instructional design, BAHAA brings clear communication, precise gap analysis and assessment, and development solutions that are measurable and achievable to every coaching engagement.

We are committed to make a difference for our clients, helping them at any stage of their professional and personal development to achieve their full potentials and enhance performance.

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Our Services

Where we support executives, senior professionals, department heads and managers across all levels of an organization in the establishment and development of their leadership styles and methods as well as the identification of their organizational strategic issues. During Executive Coaching, we will focus primarily on identifying your personal and organizational developmental issues. Through an initial assessment and data gathering, including a thorough feedback, we will effectively implement our coaching plan and a follow-up process that will enhance your strategic thinking skills and provide you with the vision and direction to accelerate change and achieve sustainable results.
BAHAA offers a transformational and developmental career coaching for juniors and young professionals. The focus is to support the individual in developing a fitting career plan for a new direction, find next role, dreaming of a career change and start a business or get promoted BAHAA approach consistently helps clients successfully navigate transition and change. Within this approach, your career coaching program is always designed around your individual coaching needs, namely your career goals, the challenges you're facing internally and externally and can include any number of factors you bring to the coaching process.
The overall goal of performance coaching is to increase the productivity of people inside their companies. Performance coaching focuses on reaching the true and maximum potentials of each individual employee and helps him or her to overcome the obstacles behind their lack of performance. BAHAA can help put together a specific plan that perfectly fits your organizational needs; whether you need to teach a team to work better together, effectively communicate and keep them motivated, or focus on the enhancement of an individual performance or even on the work dynamics between executives, managers and employees.